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Videos and playlists about programming, computers, code, or algorithms. Most will be things I find, some will be things I make (eventually). If a link goes dead, just let me know.
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Live and pre-recorded lessons - Mr. Brash's Scrimba lessons for this course, added whenever possible. Keep your eyes on the playlist - it will change as lessons are added.

Not mine:

CS50 Lectures - A wonderful playlist of Harvard lectures from 2018 explaining computer science and basics of programming. They use a mixture of languages but mostly C / C++. - Counting and representing numbers (Binary) - Getting letters from binary numbers (ASCII) - Computers are dumb and do exactly what we tell them (Instructions)

Introduction to Javascript - A Scrimba course specific to Javascript. It is more a lesson on the Javascript language than general computer science. It assumes you have previous CS knowledge.

Learn Javascript - A FreeCodeCamp course that is very Javascript specific. It's a good course but requires patience and learning on your own.

Slide Shows

My slides that accompany the video lessons. These might not match exactly what you see in the recorded lessons because I sometimes update them.


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