Videos & Slides

Videos and playlists about programming, computers, code, or algorithms. Most will be things I find, some will be things I make (eventually). If a link goes dead, just let me know.


Live and pre-recorded lessons - Mr. Brash's Scrimba lessons for this course, added whenever possible. Keep your eyes on the playlist - it will change as lessons are added.

Not mine:

CS50 Lectures - A wonderful playlist of Harvard lectures from 2018 explaining computer science and basics of programming. They use a mixture of languages but mostly C / C++. - Counting and representing numbers (Binary) - Getting letters from binary numbers (ASCII) - Computers are dumb and do exactly what we tell them (Instructions)

Introduction to Javascript - A Scrimba course specific to Javascript. It is more a lesson on the Javascript language than general computer science. It assumes you have previous CS knowledge.

Learn Javascript - A FreeCodeCamp course that is very Javascript specific. It's a good course but requires patience and learning on your own.

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